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Andre Shirdan started the Eaglesoft Field Guide for every users who ever wanted to know "more" about Eaglesoft. Because he sees dental practice management software like an orange that is "pinched" and not squeezed. He created a group to squeeze ALL the juice out of Eaglesoft.

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How would you like to schedule a day for Andre to "drop by" and help YOUR Crew get more out of Eaglesoft?

Andre is a wealth of knowledge, very helpful, and personal. You can't go wrong with his Eaglesoft Field Guide. - Jamie F

Andre’s Eaglesoft Field Guide is my go to place when I have an Eaglesoft question. Ask a question, give an answer, share ideas! - Linda S

Andre is so amazing. I have learned so much and am so thankful for all the knowledge he has and so graciously shares! - Katie M

Great resource. - Roxanne L

Great group of people that will help you not just with your Eaglesoft needs, but your everyday office management. - Ariel A

Love this group! It is great to learn from Andre and receive feedback from other dental professionals. - Kris N

Andre Shirdan’s information on Eaglesoft is so helpful. His response time is like none other. I’ve learned so much with being in this group. I highly recommend being apart of this group! - Kaity C

Andre is amazing! This group is great resource of information. - Avanel D

Andre is extremely knowledgeable. I know I can always count on him to guide our office. From showing us different Eaglesoft reports to just about anything dental related you think of! This group is awesome as we can all learn from each other & Andre of course! - Fany R

Andre is amazing! So glad that we found this FB group! A wealth of information!!! - Cynthia P

 I literally learn something new everyday. I can't tell you how much I Appreciate this group. -Andre is a wealth of knowledge. - Jill B

 I have learned so much from Andre and his page, Andre’s Eaglesoft Field Guide. We had a week of training when we first purchased Eaglesoft but I’ve learned so much more from Andre. Thank you, Andre! - Adrienne G

Andre Shirdan is full of so much information on Eaglesoft Practice Management Software I ask him before I call support or look under FAQ. Not only does he have knowledge in ES, he also knows practice management skills & tons of positive reinforcement!! - Aimee P

I have learned more about Eaglesoft in the last 2 weeks from this Andre Shirdan then I've learned in the last 10 years using Eaglesoft. Andre Shirdan's expertise has got me excited about my job and Eaglesoft again. Andre Shirdan is a wealth of knowledge and I've learned so much more from him than I ever have from an Eaglesoft rep or trainer. He should be training the reps and trainers! I couldn't live without his expertise now that I know him. - Angie S

So glad I found this FB group- So much great information - I’m always learning something new! - Kim R

Andre's Eaglesoft Field Guide group on Facebook has provided so much information that it has helped me personally grow in my career and also helped my office perform more effectively and efficiently!!! - Kate T

The knowledge Andre Shirdan shares on Andre's Eaglesoft Field Guide will just blow your mind. We are fortunate to have him here to help with questions on ES or other dental related topics. Also, the other members have great ideas to share. We never got such in-depth ES training. This fills the gap. What you will learn from this page will keep you saying "I never knew that" many times! - Robin B

Wonderful resource. This has helped me a lot being new to Eaglesoft. Andre or even other members always get back to you promptly! :) - Meridith S

Andre’s Eaglesoft Field guide is my go to group for ANY question I may have. After being thrown into a management position with little knowledge I received help to get on my feet and get things going! I highly recommend! - Cindy H

Andre is the man😎❤️ - Cynthia G

Having a practice management software support group helps you get ideas, advise, perspective and understanding from so many REAL users in the field and professionals new and old from the Patterson Technology Center. Andres group is all of this and so much more! - Stephanie S

Andre is a wealth of knowledge. He is the GURU of Eaglesoft. Always willing to share what he knows and if he’s doesn’t, will research and find the answer. I’m blessed to know him. Thanks for everything Andre. -Terrella C

Andre Shirdan Eaglesoft group has been the most positive informative information on the software in the quickest time! I was on hold with Patterson and Andre gave me the answer before I even received a person! It is the best practice management reinforcement! - Judy C

Andre's ES Field Guide page has been a life saver for me and my office. I have learned so much from the time I have become a member of this page. Highly recommend this page and his service to anyone who needs to fine-tune their office with ES. - Wendy T

I am obsessed with Andre's Eaglesoft Fieldguide. I love it. No kidding, it has changed my life. I find myself reading it at weird times and I get nuggets little and big! Thank you Andre for putting us together and sharing so much knowledge with us! - Brenda D

The Left is the standard Eaglesoft Clinical Charting and right is Custom Charting used by Crew Process Practices

(Charting shows SRP 4 Quads, #2 Stainless Steel Crown, #3 Custom Abut and PFM Implant Crown, #4 Ceramic Crown, #11 Clinical Crown Lengthening, #13 Watch OL, #14 Build Up with a Defective crown, #20 Root tip, #22-27 Lingual bar, #30 E-Max crown)

 This is our Pediatric Custom Charting

This is our Pediatric Custom Charting

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