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EVERYONE has a “Periodontal Protocol”.  Just Google it.  You will get more than 2,500 results.  “Protocols” are not a problem. The “problem” that most practices face, is continuity of care, consistency of care or diagnosis from clinician to clinician.  But, patient understanding of diagnosis and treatment planning is the biggest issue of all… Including billing and coding of periodontal care.

So, why not demystify periodontal care?  Why not set up a standard for diagnosis, treatment and re-care of the disease. 

Part of The Crew Process is The Stat-Ck protocol.

Not a protocol.  Not a new treatment.

A unique way of calibration between patient and provider.  A new language of care.  A way to create a Hygiene Crew that meets the needs of your patient flow with clinical excellence, correct insurance billing, and better production.

Consistency from probe to payment.

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