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Advertising is the bait.  Marketing is the hook. The way you answer the phone pulls them into the boat.

- Andre Shirdan (Creator of the Crew Process)

StarMaker In-office Customer Service Skill Development


If Disney opened a practice across the street from yours, would you be worried about your patients “checking” them out? 
If for a moment you paused thinking some patients might.  

Fix it!

Create a 5-Star inspired customer service driven experience in your practice and turn your employees into Star Makers!  
5 Star Crew Customer Experience

Our facilitators will mix over three decades of dental knowledge with the skills developed outside dentistry from companies like Ritz-Carlton,  Neiman Marcus, Zappos and Disney to help your practice learn:

Who Your Customer "IS"

Why your Patients accept care and come to your practice

How to create a "language" that differentiates your practice

How Clinical Excellence plays such a key part in the process

How Support from The Crew Process keep motivation high

How phone skills elevate your patient experience

How to align Growth to Experience


Good morning!  This is Tracy.  How can I make your smile brighter?!


What makes this Skill Development special? 

Because your practice help us customize our program. Using local scenarios and vocabulary during each session.

Because we've eliminated "scripts" and replaced them with Guide Post.  

Because we've created points to reach along the Customer Service path.  Not a 'canned" format for encounters.

Because we teach face-to-face.

Because our facilitators blend experiential (real world) knowledge with the specialized skill of customer service, adult learning and organizational development.

Because we see results and get results.

Because our 1-Day, In-office Skill Development Programs (with 30-day follow-up) is just $1,500!*  

Any-time Follow-up visits, as needed, are just $995* and virtual support programs are also available.

*plus travel cost

Crew Reach Map