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Training informs.

Skill Development transforms.

Training [trānING]

The action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior

Skill Development [skil  də’veləpmənt]

Ideas or principles caused to grow and become mature or advanced by an authority

Over close to three decades we strive to grow, mature and advance what the key players in independent healthcare practices need to cover essential work-related skills, techniques and knowledge.

Importantly however, the most effective way to develop People is quite different from conventional training, which many employees regard quite negatively. They do the training of course, but they don’t embrace it because it's about work, not about themselves as people.

We have found that the most effective way to develop people is instead to enable learning and personal skill development.

To enhance the personal and professional skill development, The Crew Process offers a number of programs from traditional style classroom settings, lectures as well over—the-shoulder learning scheduled as half or full-day sessions.

Course Outlines:

Quality and Customer Service Excellence

In an increasingly competitive environment, service is no longer considered a nice-to-have luxury. It's a requirement for successfully competing and surviving in a world of low patient loyalty. While the concepts, tools, and procedures for quality and process improvement are now universally recognized and firmly placed outside private healthcare, we find that it’s not consistently practiced.  With the completion of an action plan at the end of the course, you will be ready to apply what you learn to your own practice.


Practice Management Software: What they didn’t have time to teach in training

Much like building a structure, Practice Management Software used can be perilous and pitfall-prone is not used properly. To get the most out of it requires a firm foundation of understanding, consistency and clean data entry. We offer half in full day Skill Development in the following areas:

Managing Patient Information: Creating the Patient, connecting to Responsible Party and Policy Holders

Clinical Charting: Fully utilize the power of the Clinical Chart including all conditions, Custom Draw Types, Better use of Quick Picks and Progress Notes.

OnSchedule and Recall: Are there gaps in your schedule and is there a constant fight to fill them in.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about the scheduling capabilities of your Practice Management System.

Insurance Management: Setting up Employers, Insurance Companies, Coverage Books and Fee Schedule is critical to proper Accounts Receivable management and estimation for patients.  We dig deep into how these components work together.

 Click here to open the Eaglesoft Field Guide Page!

Click here to open the Eaglesoft Field Guide Page!

Financial Arrangement Form Used as Treatment Plan Cover Sheet

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All Skill Development is scheduled as Full (8 hour) or 1/2 (4 hour) days Skill Development personally designed in conjunction with your Coach and the Practice Owner(s)and comes with 30-days of Virtual Support for the entire Crew