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Wanna go on a Cruise or do CE on an Island?


Smiles At Sea can provide your dental office the best retreat experience possible with Andre at your CE Provider. Smiles at Sea handles all retreat logistics, from crafting fun activity schedules that build camaraderie to bringing the nation’s top thought-leaders to educate your team and help them earn up to 20 CE!

Once you choose your location, date, and length of event, Smiles at Sea does the rest!

For Pricing information, use the button below and just request Andre as your speaker!

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Guidepost Accountability Coaching was designed for the Independent Healthcare Practice Owner who needs a 1-on-1 nudge (or a swift kick in the pants) to get them started toward successfully achieving their goals. Many of our Crew coaching clients were looking for direct doctor-to-coach help, separate from the process happening as an entire Crew.  They asked for tools for them to develop habits that would sustain a strong crew, normalize personal processes and create life productivity. They asked for help clearing a path through processes, marked with key performance indicators (guidepost) so that goal attainment is real and measurable.

We answered with a way to maximize personal and professional potential.

Everything we do starts with Philosophy.  We have to get to the "foundation" of our clients before we can work on the structure of your business.  

Having a personal coach is the most traditional and powerful form of coaching.  Having someone who has the experience of close to three decades working with Independent Healthcare Practice Owners is critical.

Guidepost Accountability 1-on-1 Coaching provides an individualized springboard for your life and our practice.

Imagine working with your coach to move you forward in projects you were “stuck” on.

Imagine a confidential relationship of support.

Imagine being co-creative.

Imagine accountability that won’t be “shaded” by fears, bad habits or limiting beliefs.

Imagine your potential.

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"Why do you do what you do?" It’s the first question we want to know.  

Independent healthcare practice like you across the US and abroad are seeking a way to transform your businesses and reclaim your life. Instead of being "owned" by your business, you are looking for a way to slow down, take a step back, and then move forward with confidence and clarity about what needs to be done.

What The Crew Process does is different.  Our work focuses on both Accountability Coaching for your business (people, process and profitability) while we clarify your business standards, branding, ethics, values customer service, personal interactions, charity and the rest of your life – Philosophy (because they are so intertwined!). 

We start in the same way you would start a new patient visit - with an examination, we call Observation.  Starting with spending time with ownership on in-depth discussions and exploration and clarity of goals (both business and personal) for the future.  Then typically spending time in-office talking with employees during normal working hours, interacting with them as they interact with patients. Finally, we are back on site for what would, in a practice, be called a Treatment Consultation.  This is when we use an extended break (2 to 3 hours) in the middle of a work day to review the findings of the Observation, Goals Analysis and Financial Analysis with the entire office. 

Ongoing, Monthly Coaching sessions are typically onsite, about once a month or one a quarter (based on the needs of the practice) and include unlimited “between-session” coaching via email, text, Facebook messenger, and/or phone conversations. This is where we provide on-going accountability to keep the practice (People, Process and Profitability) in aligned with Philosophy on track to produce lasting results.  

The Crew Process' Initial month of Business Coaching is available for less than the typical cost of a 3-unit dental bridge, and Ongoing Monthly Crew Process Business Coaching for less than the typical cost of a single crown.  Our Custom Business Coaching programs and services are affordable and fully flexible, and each is backed by a month-to-month Easy Exit Agreement.  That way, if you are ready to "leap" on your own, you can simply discontinue the service, provide your feedback, and we will promptly and respectfully exit our current agreement of service and pick up again whenever you see gaps in your business process.

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[uh-rey] Verb (used with objects) 1. To place in proper or desired order

The Array Protocol
Each day as we seek to exchange experiences, to achieve excellence, to improve our technique, and strive for the most important element in dentistry: The diagnosis. 
The path can be hard, unless we establish a strategic plan for our daily routine. The key word is plan. The Array Protocol guides that plan with imaging – both radiographic and photographic - as a communication, learning and improvement tool that creates commitment and study, case by case.
Patient by patient. Case by Case. A plan develops. Treatment begins.
Let’s do this?

Created by Dr Isabelle Holanda

Created by Dr Isabelle Holanda

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