Guidepost Accountability Coaching

The Crew Process added 1-on-1 Accountability Coaching for Independent Healthcare Practice Owners.  Guidepost Accountability Coaching was designed for those who need a nudge (or a swift kick in the pants) to get them started toward successfully achieving their goals. Many of our Crew coaching clients were looking for direct doctor-to-coach help, separate from the process happening as an entire Crew.  They asked for tools for them to develop habits that would sustain a strong crew, normalize personal processes and create life productivity. They asked for help clearing a path through processes, marked with key performance indicators (guidepost) so that goal attainment is real and measurable.

We answered with a way to maximize personal and professional potential.

Everything we do starts with Philosophy.  We have to get to the "foundation" of our clients before we can work on the structure of your business.  

Having a personal coach is the most traditional and powerful form of coaching.  Having someone who has the experience of close to three decades working with Independent Healthcare Practice Owners is critical.

Guidepost Accountability 1-on-1 Coaching provides an individualized springboard for your life and our practice.

Imagine working with your coach to move you forward in projects you were “stuck” on.

Imagine a confidential relationship of support.

Imagine being co-creative.

Imagine accountability that won’t be “shaded” by fears, bad habits or limiting beliefs.

Imagine your potential.

Available as an hourly rate or as a monthly Unlimited Rate

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All it takes is a phone call.

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